The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life



Welcome to the second installment of BANG! News about the Anglican Group…

Leadership Team

The group has grown to 297 members and the point has been reached where we require a more formal leadership team. They will periodically meet to discuss the ministry and set the direction.

The members of the team are:

Rocky Vallejo Chair

Hildeguard Psaltery (Revd) Leads the US service

Erszhebert Maertens Leads the European service

Sophia Tulip Leads the Bible Study

Snerbert Sands Fundraising

Cady Enoch Community Events Organisor

MikeCamel Albert Ecclesiastical Law Society Liason

Arkin Ariantho/Mark Brown (Revd) Leads the Pacific service

Service Times

Thanks for all the comments on service times. We are always thinking about the best way to do it. So keep the comments coming! But it looks like we might offer a couple of more services, midweek and on a sunday. If you are interested in being involved, contact Mark Brown at:

Art Exhibition

Check out the very cool art works on the western side of the Cathedral. This is being hosted in conjunction with the Episcopal Church and Visual Arts org. Paintings can be purchased with proceeds going towards the Anglican Group!

Anglicans Online

For the first week of Advent the hugely popular Anglicans Online wrote a very negative and misinformed lead piece on our ministry in SL. Please check out Mark’s response by CLICKING HERE

An Amazing Service!

The first service for the 2nd Sunday in Advent was stunning! I had a number of people who either hadn’t been to church for years or had never attended a service. Also incredible was to chat to a young man from Japan who though he is Christian, his parents forbid him attending church in real life. So the opportunity to attend the Cathedral service in SL was very special to him. Check out the photo from the service below:



Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.


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  2. At various points in history Christianity has had to become subversive in order to encourage those who can feel God to participate in Christian fellowship and group prayer.

    It is so encouraging to me to hear of the person attending this way when there was no other way to do it. There are whole countries that forbid worship; even if they may stop outlawing it I’m sure there’s still a stigma.

  3. I met your Japanese fella today and he is the reason I am changing the time of the Sunday 3am SLT service to 5am SLT – and yes I agree with Elspeth wholeheartedly there is no such thing as coincidence – to see how things are progressing even since Ive gotten involved is very humbling and inspriring!

  4. It’s very encouraging to see everything moving forward, and the community growing. For me, the most important ministry of the Cathedral is for those of us who are not able for whatever reason to attend “real” church; your Japanese man is a good example. I haven’t been able to be around much for a while, Real Life has been too busy but I’ll be here more now. And I KNOW the Lord is behind this ministry. There is no such thing as coincidence. Glad to be back 🙂

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