The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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Two New Services!

We presently offer three services each sunday to cater for the main timezones. And the great news is that we have another new service for the sunday and now a thursday service as well!

On the sunday it will be 3am SL time which is 11am in London and the Thursday service is 12 noon SL time and 8pm in the UK.

It will be lead by Erszhebet Maertens (see image, thanks to Dylan Rickenbacker for the image!)


Brief Bio of Erszhebet:

Nanticoke-Lenni Lenape Native American resident in the UK (presently London). Formerly of Trinity Church, Wall Street in New York City where I was a Congregant, Assistant to a Bishop and actively involved in Church life. Keen to pursue a PhD in Theology and be ordained.

Click here for more detail on the services