The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Planning for growth

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The Anglican Community in Second Life now has around 200 members and has recently commenced services each sunday.  It has grown relatively quickly in a short amount of time.  The challenge now is to build on this early growth and this requires in my mind, employing a Priest at least three days a week to oversee the ministry and continue the development.

 But why put a Priest on to oversee the ministry?

As the Virtual Platform grows in popularity, the Anglican Church can continue to position itself right at the forefront of this vital internet development.  It is essential that the church continues to create new forms of connecting with people, that it does what it can to make use of the current offerings so as to communicate an ancient truth.

And given the growth in the ministry, this now requires more time than I have.  It has grown to the size where at least three days a week is required.

So if you are interested in supporting this essential ministry please contact me at to discuss this some more.

Exciting times ahead!

In Christ,

Mark Brown/ Arkin Ariantho

P.S  I was recently interviewed on Radio New Zealand National about the Anglican Community in Second Life.  To listen to it click here.


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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