The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

You are invited to attend Virtual Anglican Worship!!!

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This Sunday the 9th of September we are running three services to cater for the different timezones. All the services will be held at the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life

You are invited to attend! If you are new to Second Life you are most welcome.. we will make sure we explain what is happening and be available to answer your questions.

The service times:

SL time

Wellington, NZ


Perth, Aust

New York

Service Leader

Sun 1  am

Sun 8pm

Sun 9am

Sun 4pm

Sun 4am


Sun 12 noon

Sun 7am

Sun 8pm

Sun 3am

Sun 3pm


Sun 6pm

Mon 1pm

Mon 2am

Mon 9am

Sun 9pm


Check out World Clock meeting planner to work out the time in your location. SL time is the same as Los Angeles.

Arkin Ariantho/ Mark Brown will be preaching on : “Faith on the Monday:  Living a life of integrity.’ He will be looking at Psalm 19 and Matthew 4

Hildeguard Psaltery will be leading a Compline service.

To visit the Cathedral to attend the service click here


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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