The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


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Greetings and welcome to the inaugural



The first BIG news is that the community now has a Visiting Bishop!! We are finalising the detail and then I will let you know more, such as who it is, as it comes to light.


In a few weeks time, MikeCamel Albert and myself are meeting with Bishop Christopher at Lambeth Palace to discuss this new Anglican Community. Bishop Christopher is chair of the Ecclesiastical Law Society. They are keen to do what they can to resource us. I welcome your prayers for this important meeting.


1. We have been running three services now for a number of weeks. I am leading the Pacific Community, Hildeguard Psaltery is leading the American Community and I am now looking for someone interested in leading the European Community. This involves preparing and leading services, developing the community, pastoral care, possible Bible Study and so on. Full training into the technical aspect required will be offered.

At present the European Community meets at 8pm London time and the last service had around 25 in attendance.

2. I am keen to start some mid week Bible Studies and I am looking for people interested in leading them.

3. We have a number of people new to SL and I would like to appoint some people prepared to ‘coach’ and assist those new to SL.

Please IM me (Arkin Ariantho) or email me on if you are interested.

Yours in Christ,

Mark Brown/Arkin Ariantho

Leader of the Anglican Community


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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