The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Two services this Sunday!!

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This sunday the 22nd of July we have two services on offer:  The European community service at 12am (sat-sun) SL time which is 8am in the UK.  Service leader is MikeCamel Albert.

And the Pacific community service at 2am (sun) SL time which is 9pm in New Zealand.  Service leader is Arkin Ariantho/ Mark Brown.

Both services will be held in the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life.

 You are invited!!!

To visit the Cathedral in SL click here


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

One thought on “Two services this Sunday!!

  1. Hi, All

    I managed to get to the first European Service and would like to thank Mike and Arkin for it.

    The attendance was small, which helped when ALL joined in with their bits. It seemed to work well that ALL only typed their one-liners, and not the longer responses. It is hard to imagine such discipline with a larger, more diverse congregation.

    I did not miss the audio stream for voice, but would have liked some suitable music before and after.

    It would certainly help to maintain the right atmosphere if we could have pose balls to sit, if we are to stand for parts of the service.

    Sorry I had to leave before the end to get to a rl service.

    Looking forward to the next.

    God Bless us all.

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