The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The very first service!!


It was deeply moving to lead the first Anglican service in Second Life. I had tears in my eyes as we concluded the service;


partly due to the fact that I had just typed a 20 minute sermon…

The plan had been to stream the whole service including the sermon. So those attending listened to the service and either responded via text or vocally in their setting. This went reasonably well until the sermon.. which was too quiet to hear. So I then decided to type the sermon!!

We have much to learn from this first experience but let me assure you that I have an even stronger sense that the church has a place in SL.

I praise God for this first attempt and look forward to glorifying Him through future services.

A particular thanks to Crystalpalace and IanMichael for all last minute support!!


PS I will post video of the service soon!

Click on the images twice to view in full size..




Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

7 thoughts on “The very first service!!

  1. I am glad I made the first service. It will take some trial and error to find what works in SL compared to RL. I prefer High Church so I would be inclined to expect more robes and more processions. I know this will take some time to develop. I think the key will be finding ways to exploit what is unique in SL to make a grand Church experience.

  2. Yes I have received a bit of feedback that my jacket made me look like I wasn’t wearing anything!! Lol. So I will wear something more suitable next time…

  3. interesting outfit for the priest!

  4. Thank you Arkin and all those who helped to bring this to frustration. Oops, I meant fruition. You must have been exhausted by the time it finished. But it was worth it.

    As one who has a hearing problem I hope that the audio stream will never be the only medium for the message. And the hymn was to my ears so slow. Let’s have some zip next time!

    I’m looking forward to the next service, when I may have Mistress with me 🙂

    God Bless us all.

  5. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Perhaps next time.
    Looks like there was a pretty inclusive congregation. Great.

  6. Lessons to learn, yes, but the most important one was the joy of the service. I, too, was moved, and I’m sure many others were as well. Well done, and thank you.

  7. YES!!
    Well done everyone!

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