The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

My vision for the Anglican Community in SL


My vision is to see God glorified in Second Life.

My vision is to see Christians from different countries and theological persuasions come together to serve and worship the Lord.

My vision is to see the Anglican Church engage in relevant, meaningful and contemporary ways with the society around it.

My vision is to offer those involved in Second Life an experience of a God who deeply loves them and seeks a relationship with them.

My vision is to be a community who are known for their love and care, and their preparedness to serve others.

I invite you to participate in this vision!

In Christ,

Mark Brown/Arkin Ariantho

Leader of the Anglican Community in Second Life


If you would like to join the community or be involved pls IM Arkin Ariantho or email him on


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “My vision for the Anglican Community in SL

  1. Mark ~

    Listening to your history has been fascinating, and quite moving.

    I am one of those you mentioned, living within the confines of a physical disability. And yet I’m strong in spirit, and hungry to be a part of a community with sisters & brothers who love Christ as I do.

    What you’ve describe is a missionary endeavor. It’s clear to me that God has his hand on this thing.In fact, just walking in the cathedral for me is a spiritual experience where I can sense the presence of god.It’s wild! And your sermons present the living god in a way that is culturally current and inspiring. (I haven’t yet visited any other services, but I’d like to.)

    I want to learn more about the church, and mutually be a blessing where I’ve been blessed. I’m now prepared to be here for you and your family to offer prayer support. Several times in my life I’ve been led to take on this role, sort of like the armour bearer was for Joshua.

    As I become more involved and we get to know one another, I can also offer counseling experience and and prayer support for those who find their way to this place with needs.

    I live in central New York state and belong to a wonderful Episcopal church here, St. James of Skaneateles, NY. My husband and I have been involved in ministry at various levels for many years.

    To tell you the truth we’re sort of going nuts ever since I became somewhat homebound about 1 1/2 years ago. It’s not as if we ever had any other real hobbies or anything (we’re a little odd that way!). I guess for us, furthering the kingdom of god in one way or another has always been what we’ve been about.

    He does work full time, but I teach cultural studies from home, in the distance-learning department of a state college, so I’m pretty much always here.

    Anyway, I wanted to respond to your sermon. YES, count me in! The sky’s the limit with this ministry!

    Also know that I’m now praying for you & the anglican cathedral of SL

    ~ helen (hos naidoo)

  2. Niall you make an excellent point. You will see that my vision doesn’t mention the Cathedral once. Up until now the focus has been the Cathedral, getting it built, setting it up on the island and so on. Now this is nearly complete our focus needs to shift. We now need to turn our attention as a community to the needs around us. To actively seeking to Glorify God through our worship and service.

    Thanks again bro.


  3. I’m for that too brother, but it seems you are going to be known more for the cathedral and island and not Jesus…..

  4. Marvellous stuff. I’m looking forward to helping to grow that vision.

  5. I’m on board for that, brother.

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