The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Cathedral has moved!


The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life has found its final home. It has been moved onto Epiphany Island and work is now underway to build the gardens and finish designing the island. Big thanks to Els for heading this up.

Also the finishing touches are being completed by the hugely talented builder, Monty Merlin.

Now the move has happended, original site of the Cathedral has been sold. My thanks to the wonderful Sophianne Rhodes for her huge support over the development of this project. We until now have been located on her island, Xenia.

Also plans are underway to have a party to celebrate the new island and the move! I will provide details later.

To check the new place click here and then once in Map click teleport.

God is good!!



Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “The Cathedral has moved!

  1. Appreciate your work for the Lord in BOTH worlds, Mark – bless you for spreading His love. I like the coffee on the roof , too.

  2. Great to see the new home. Well done, folks.

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