The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Planning for Epiphany Island


4-blog-15th-may-07.jpgI have just been contacted by Linden Labs and informed that over the next few days Epiphany Island will  emerge from the virtual void!

So we need to..

work out how the island will look!
The ideas so far:

The Cathedral sits at the center of the island on a table top mountain.

We have a building for meetings and fellowship.

A beautiful garden.

A small chapel, perhaps within the garden.

A community of small houses for group members to use for free.

A small library.

A labyrinth

Elspeth has offered to help with planning the layout and we welcome your thoughts and comments!

What else should we include? Suggestions for layout?


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

12 thoughts on “Planning for Epiphany Island

  1. I think that even more important than the building is the welcome we offer to visitors at its doors. It’s unlikely that we could manage to provide a 24/7 welcome team, but it would be nice if volunteers could be found to spend an hour or two there from time to time, just to say hello. Maybe in time this might develop into a more formal roster.
    With regard to children, we should welcome all who wish to worship or who are seeking the Lord. That does imply that some rather odd characters may be found there at times, as in many a RL church. Parents should consider this and act accordingly.

  2. Any possible way to incorporate sustainable, green design into the church or at least highlight the idea?

  3. I just found out about this project. I am delighted to find a place of worship being provided in SL. I want to respond to your request for suggestions by asking for statues of the saints in the garden and/or on the Cathedral. I would especially like to see Mary and Joseph (separately, but represented) as well as significant others.
    Will the gardens have fountains?


  4. In the building group we have talked about cloisters, a Crypt and a Chapter House – which would be suitable for meetings, small and large.

    Cloisters of course need columns… Now with the extra prims we will have on the island, we can restore the columns and ceiling to their original glory – Monty has had to replace a great deal by textures to save on prims.

    A cathedral _must_ have gardens, and that is certainly planned. My vision is of the Cathedral on a “High Place”, a towering hill – with stairs down to the beach and in view of the sea. The idea I had here was that many mediaeval churches throughout Europe were built on the highest land available so that they are clearly visible from surrounding terrain.

    I personally like the idea of a corridor leading to the Crypt or Chapter House where we could display art made to the Glory of God by our new Artist in Residence (not for sale, just for looking and meditation).

    I believe a Bible is in progress of being created specially.

    Once the Cathedral itself – with cloisters, crypt, chapter house – is completed – then would be a good time to look at how many prims remain for other structures and decide on priorities for their use.

    Rocky, we need to talk about those notecards! Maybe a meeting ingame?
    And all resources in multiple languages as far as possible, totally agree. Oh and add Dutch 🙂

  5. This is semi-unrelated but what do people think about Episco-Anglican outposts in other sims, with teleports to the island?

    I have under construction an Episcopal chapel in Olympos with plans for an infohub talking about this community and a teleport to the island. It is not intended to distract from or compete with the group’s efforts, in fact I started it before I knew about the group. But it seems like a natural way to let people know we exist by “gettin’ ’em where they live”

  6. I had the same idea as Shoshana, kids should be around and have their own space on the new island, I guess I dont have to explain why, its obvious!

    Perhaps you can ask LindenLabs…to create a special region, Epiphany Island…

  7. Michael… I have no problem with having other parts of the sim up in the air as long a very clear instructions are available on how to get up above the island and what is up there. It might be good to have a small greeting area down on the ground too… perhaps a plaza with low walls with clickable signs that dispense informative notecards?

    I know that many SLers speak/understand English but it might be nice to also have notecards explaining the purpose/history/descripton of the Sim in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc… the major languages of SL.

    There was mention made of a small library on Epiphany. If a greeting center is built where people land some basic info resources on Anglicanism/Christianity might be good there as well.

    Heh… the librarian who wants signs readily available!

    Bill Sowers / SL: Rocky Vallejo

  8. Shoshana… Although children are not officially allowed within SL keeping a sim at a level that it acceptable to parents will usually mean that children will be allowed to sit with their parents while viewing a sim. Sometime do a search on Second Life for the sim called Rachelville. It was set up as a place to promote children’s literature for teachers, librarians, parents and other adults but the setting is like a large park. I get messages from many SLers that they like to let their children sit with them while they explore Rachelville for this reason

    Bill Sowers / SL: Rocky Vallejo

  9. I suggest we offer a site or two for worship and architecture beyond the European horizon, as well as a contemporary kind of setting.
    So much easier here in SL to move us beyond terminal anglophilia.

  10. My daughter would like a place for children to be able to learn about religion through toys/objects and stories. I am not sure that childre are allowed any other place in SL, but a certain region.

  11. I really like the ideas so far. Any discussion of having a cloister? Perhaps inviting the Order of Julian of Norwich or other orders to build on Epiphany Island?

  12. For effect, you could plave only the cathedral and some trees on the ground, and make offices etc. in the sky above it…

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