The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

We need a name!


Now that we have decided to buy an island (and we have the funding) we need a name for that island.  So please leave your suggestion in the comments section.  I look forward to your contributions!

What about St George Island?  Or Cranmer Island?

I need your input!!


Leader of the Anglican Community in SL


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

8 thoughts on “We need a name!

  1. Branding is important. I think the name cannot be too obscure. It is the Anglican Communion; not RC or Baptist. We want to make it easy for both those who call themseves “Anglican” and those who are just curious to find it. Anyway, “A” is at the top of the alphabet so it sorts well.

    Someplace, I found statistics on RL location of individuals in SL. (Can’t find it now, but …) The US had the largest representation in numbers, but represented only about 30% of the total. Other countries in many cases had a higher per capata involvement.

    The point is that the people in SL come from a broad cross section of Earth as does the Angican Communion. There are many names for local provinces, but that is irrelevant to the Church as a whole. What is important is that we should be an inclusive community of faith, seeking “to promote charity”.

    One possible objection for an American Episcopalian, which I am, is the current unpleasantness. We find the hostility shown by some to be very un-Anglican. It lacks in the broad inclusiveness that we have come to cherish. I do consider myself an Anglican and attend services in other provinces when I travel. They are often called Anglican even if my own is called Episcopalian.

  2. I’d vote for Epiphany if not already taken within SL. It denotes a revelation or manifestation of something or someone… Christ within SL… a “new world”

  3. Emmaus is my favourite.

    But I could live with Cantuar, just to please the latinists. (That, I believe, is how the Archbishop of Canterbury signs his official letters, but he hasn’t written to me yet, so can’t be sure).

    But why not be absolutely original and name it Inclusia. That might conjure up an image of outstretched arms welcoming all who seek the Lord.

  4. Same here, let’s decenter the Anglican Church and not repeat the ethnocentrisms we’re still struggling with. I am not sure how Tyndale is less England-centric, though. How about something that taps into a larger, common heritage? Trinity? Epiphany? Holy Spirit? Holy Wisdom? All Saints? Good Shepherd? …

  5. Don’t like St George (too England-centric). Tyndale?

  6. Some ideas off the top of my head. Alas, I’m unable to get into SL to see if any of these words/names are already in use:

    Cathedra – The official chair of the bishop in the cathedral (or pro-cathedral) of his diocese. There’s already an island called “Cathedral” (dragon sim) but this word should still come up in a search for the word, cathedral, in the SL search engine.

    Evensong – A beautiful service to God very much particular to the Anglican Communion.

    Unction – denoting a place (i.e. sacrament) of healing

  7. – Bede Island
    – Durham Island (Bede’s Cathedral and coincidently the county I happen to live in)
    – St. Paul’s Island after St. Paul’s Cathedral
    – Canterbury Island
    – Insula de ecclesia ab vita secundus anglicorum (or whatever the actual Latin translation happens to be, my apologies to those who actually know the language)
    – If we wished to have some fun: Isle of Pelagius

  8. How about Canterbury? That would be a place name and historic and it would be easy to remember?

    I like Canterbury as a place… and it is easily associated with the Anglican communion… better than St Georges… especially for us Brits who have founf St George hijacked by some rather suspicious nationalist groups.

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