The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

We met, we chatted, we made some decisions

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Over the past few weeks the Anglican Group has been growing rapidly, not just in numbers, but ideas and initiatives. The time came to have a meeting to start to organise, plan and coordinate. On Tuesday the 1st of May the Anglican Group held two meetings: one for the European contingent and one for the American contingent. A good number turned up and contributed a suite of solid thoughts. What follows is a summary of the discussions…

anglican-meeting-us-people-1st-may-07.jpgThe go ahead was given to purchase an island immediately (given the great news about funding).

That we move the Cathedral over to the new island and then

Finish the rest of the build (including interior) and once this is completed we then start running services.

Offering services can start to be organised now… This could include morning and evening prayer as well as a range of different services including High Church, more contemporary, and so on.. It really depends on whether we have people willing to be involved.

We need to form a team willing to plan the island (including terraforming -Elspeth is interested in helping) and a team for organizing the worship (Chantel would like to help).

That the present Cathedral House is scrapped and Monty builds a new one that suits the Cathedral.

The idea was floated of conducting a thanksgiving service around the building site…

Merlyn Guyot is happy to convene a Panel to consider some of the theological issues around ministry in SL. Such as the Eucharist.. Brack McMillan an Anglican Priest from California, is happy to be involved as is Roberto Salomon, a highly experienced SL’r.

Discussion took place around promotion and publicity of the Cathedral and ministry. The decision was made to do all we can to let others know about this new ministry: blog about it, through MySpace, writing letters to church and secular newspapers etc…

So out of the meeting we are looking for:

People to help with planning and developing the island

People willing to be involved in running a worship service

People interested in participating in a theological panel

Promotion. Tell the story to our networks.

A prayer group – committed to praying about this new and exciting ministry!!

Please either IM Arkin Ariantho in world or email him at if you would like to be involved!


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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