The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Getting to know the Cathedral builder

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Those who know SL well are amazed when they see the Cathedral, it is truly an amazing piece of virtual architecture! So I thought we should get to know the builder, Monty Merlin

monty-inter.jpgArkin: So where are you from and what do you do in Real Life?

Monty: I am a student at university, studying information managment and information technology. I live in northern Germany, near the town of Hildesheim.

How long have you been in Second Life?

14 weeks, since Feburary.

What brought you to Second Life?

I read about it, and I was curious, what a 3d cyberspace would look and feel like.

What do you like about Second Life?

The ability to create everything I can think of and share it with millions of people.

How did you learn about building?

I was used to several 3d design tools before I stumbled upon SL. So I already knew the basics and the SL Building Tools are easy to use, if you practice a bit. Besides I did an intensive search on the net, about building in SL.

How did you hear about the Cathedral project?monty-inter2.jpg

Elspeth Guyot told me about it 😉

What was it about the project that got you excited enough to get involved?

The chance to build something huge and unique. After drifting through SL for a few days, I was fed up with all those similar structures, and thought, that there must be something more delicate done with the tools provided. And with the Cathedral I got my chance to prove that it can be done better.

What has been the hardest part of the building process?

The overall proportions of the building. Its my first building in SL and you have to get used to the proportions. The arches were tough also. I learned a lot during building this one.

You have two people helping you - Elspeth and Barry; what has been their role?

Elspheth provides part of the interior design, counsels me on certain design questions and makes tea 😉 Barry provides hints on how to save prims, reminds me on saving prims, and gives me informations on how to build economically and keep up to speed with object properties and rights.

monty-inter3.jpgWhen do you hope to have it finished?

I guess it will take another 2 to 3 weeks, as my Real Life takes some time also, so I only really can build on weekends.

Anything else you would like to say?

Its astonishing how positive the feedback on my humble work is, I enjoy it and I thank you, Arkin, for making it possible to contribute to yourgood cause.

The photo above: Monty on the right, Arkin in the middle and Elspeth on the left..

Post note:

Monty is doing an amazing job and it is such a pleasure to work with him. Also huge thanks to Elsepth and Barry – you all Rock!!!



Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

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