The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

My presentation to the Anglican Mission Board


Today I had the privilege of making a presentation to the Anglican Mission Board and the reaction was interesting…

They were stunned… It made me realise how different and new SL is. None of them had been in SL before I shared so it was really a trip to the cutting edge!

I took them in-world and showed them the Cathedral as I shared my vision and passion for an Anglican presense in SL. And I finished by pitching the idea that they endorse and support this vital ministry. So now they will discuss this and get back to me in the weeks to come…

I think it is important that we find a Bishop who is prepared to provide episcopal oversight… and this is a prayer point indeed!

Speaking of which, thanks for your prayers.



Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “My presentation to the Anglican Mission Board

  1. Wonderful! Well done. I’m just glad the SL glitches of yesterday didn’t interfere 🙂 Will pray about the Bishop issue, that could be most important.

  2. Thanks Kris – I think you are right – lets see how this one plays out. I bumped into one of the Mission Board members later and he shared how excited the Board are. They meet again in ten days (!) and they are making it a matter of urgent business. Keep them prayers coming!

  3. MikeCarmel – thanks sooo much for giving me the heads up before my presentation! It would have been sad and embarrassing otherwise. Thanks bro.

  4. I could have a word with our bishop, who is very receptive to new ideas, but also very busy.

    But if we all start asking our bishops we could generate chaos.

    Maybe we should wait just a little to see if any respond to your presentation, the blog and the recent publicity.

  5. Arkin –

    Brilliant news: I’m really glad it went so well. Also that you had a chance to download the new client in time! See you inworld soon.


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