The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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If You Can’t Go To Church In Person Go To An Online Church

Have there been times you just couldn’t get to church. Or you have had an accident and just can’t get out of the house. What if you are wheelchair bound and just can’t get to church. Or you are in a strange country where you just don’t know where the church is. Or you are in a country where going to church is banned and you are risking the death penalty. And long as the internet hasn’t been blocked then you can make it to church. But we don’t recommend risking your life. If you are going to do that make sure your history is switched off and nothing can be stored on your computer. And just remember nothing is private on the internet.

If you are stuck and just can’t make it to church. Well now you can.

A few clicks and you can be in a church and if you can line up the times you can make it to a Mass. There is one problem with going to an online church you just can’t make it to Holy Communion. But you still have community. After church you can still have a chat. After Mass we stop for a chat outside the entrance on the courtyard. At the moment most people use typing chat, I’m hoping that will change to voice chat. In the Chapel for Morning Prayer we use voice chat as there is not many people there. After Church I usually go to the Ivory Tower Library of Primatives Sandbox to talk and meet people. Plenty of space to talk without too many people listening in.

Now the online church I go to is in Second Life a type of alternative life you can live in on the internet. When you look at the homepage you could easily get the impression that it is just a glorified online game. But it is more than that. You have to download a program onto your computer so the program will run. I’m usually a bit cautious about downloading stuff I’m not sure of, especially game stuff but I have no problems it didn’t try to hijack my homepage or anything like that.

And once you are inworld a whole new world opens up for you to explore. If you are shy or introverted you can live behind your avatar and come out of your shell, because no one can see you and you can redefine your comfort zone. At the Little Chapel for Morning Prayer I sometimes do the one of the Readings from the Bible and you can do. So if you have always wonted to do the one of the Readings in church, now is your chance. I’ve always wondered how I sound coming out in the Little Chapel. Because everybody’s sound system is different I would probably sound different on all computers.

Also it is a dream come true for people with physical disabilities. In the movie “Avatar” the guy could walk around in the virtual world but in reality he was confined to a wheelchair and it could be the same for you. In this world you are what you can be so if you can’t leave your house the virtual world is open to you. Give Second Life a look, it’s free. I’ve been inworld for years now and if you don’t want to spend any money you don’t have too. You can come and go as you please, as often as you like without paying anything.

There is a money system available “Linden dollars” if you want to get into the commerce side of things. And don’t worry about your age all avatars look young. And what’s an old dude like me doing playing around on the internet. Well to be honest I think I could be one of the young ones. In the virtual world age doesn’t matter, you just have to be there to meet the people. I’ve never had any problems there but the same internet rules apply. Don’t give away your personal information and you will be okay.

I went looking for a church one Easter because I couldn’t make it to my church. So I checked out the internet and it took me a while to get the times figured out and now I go as often as I can.

Second Life is huge and it is very easy to get lost in there. After you have signed up and downloaded everything and you are ready to go. I would go to “World” on the top toolbar and from the dropdown menu click on “Search” and you end up on the “Events” page. If you want to find something to do just browse the “Events” but then you have to line up the times. The “Events” are where you meet people.

Now if you want to go to a real online live Mass you have to go to now this is another amazing part of the online world. Same as with Second Life you have to line up the times and you can sit in watching the Mass just like you are in a real Church. The cameras are usually just webcams and I think in some cases they are from the security system. It just depends on which church you go to. And again it is free. I love the internet. And there are plenty of Churches to go to. You can pick your language as well as the times. Church in Second Life is in English so far, where as in ustream it can be in any language. But inworld you can use any language you like, as long as you find somebody who speaks the same language.

Sometimes you might think some people are rude because they don’t talk to you but that is probably due to the wrong language.

Now to find a Church type Church or Churches in the search box, then click on “Everything” and from the dropdown menu click on “Places” then check “off” M for Mature and A for Adult, just search under “G” then hit the search button. That will give you over 100 results so you can either start going through the list or you could refine the search. Now to refine your search you have to click on “Search Home” and start again. This time type in Anglican Church and you should end up at the Cathedral I go to. Since Second Life is huge the learning curve can take some time but there are always people out there ready to help you. Just ask.

Well that’s it, now you have the Churches you can go to when you can’t go to Church. Once you are set up and know when the times match, Church is just a few clicks away.

See you in Church.

Peter Legrove

You can reprint this article anywhere as long as it is free, not changed and the resource box is intact. copyright(a) peter legrove 2012 all rights reserved

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The Internet The Church The Future


The internet has changed and is still changing the world as we speak. But the church is getting left behind. Throughout history the church dominated the spread and assimilation of society throughout the known world. But in my lifetime the church where I live has slowly and successfully declined. I’m 60 next year and there are not too many younger than me at Sunday Mass.
When I went to church in China I was one of the oldest. People would stand to give me a seat, as there was standing room only when the service started. To get a seat you had to go half an hour early. They used to bring out stools so people could sit down. You couldn’t move. There were big screen TV broadcasting the service around the church, as you couldn’t always see the alter.
At Communion it was organized chaos with about 6 different Communion stations to go to. There were line of people snaking around the church. It was simply amazing I had seen nothing like it for many years. Anyway not since I was a kid going to my school church. On the way out of the church grounds, we had to walk the gauntlet of beggars lined up on both sides of the church gate. But that is China.
Internet is very cheap in China so if I couldn’t make it to church, I used to go online to to try and join a Mass. That was quite good but there was no interaction. It was like just watching TV. Anyway I settled in at the Anglican Cathedral. That was interactive and I met lots of people there.
As I am quite involved with the internet I started looking to cyberspace. I’ve been involved in education for many years and in the past I have used the internet to teach and learn. We taught kindergarten kids off the internet as well as primary school kids. The internet is the future, or it is my future. I started doing MOOCs last year. And was very impressed. To me that is the future of education. Most of the MOOCs I participated in where education related or a topic I am interested in.
In my little village in little old NZ, the people who go to church have settled into their respective churches. But there is a small number who change churches. A couple of kids who come into my shop have started going to the Salvation Army, whereas before they went to a different church. They changed from a night church to a day church. I think mummy didn’t want them walking home at night by themselves. A lot of the kids and street kids alternate between the Salvation Army and another, I think it is a Brethren Church. They have lots going on for the kids.
The old fashioned, established religions that most of the older people go to, do not seem to be attracting new people. But then again rural New Zealand is dying a slow and unnatural death. New people are few and far between and a lot of people in our town just sleep here. They work, shop and do everything in the big city about 25 to 30 kilometers away. They drive back home from the big city, sleep here and drive back to the big city next day. They are not really a part of the village. Their home is here and that is it. They do nothing in the village outside of their house.
It is often said that online communities could be the future, but in the present form I don’t think so. Forums and blogs from 5 or 6 years ago were, in my opinion, more active that they are nowadays. I made virtual friends, I’d never met, in some forums, but that has all died now.
But in the complete reversal of that, one church in secondlife grew out of nothing to be the church to go to in secondlife. At their Sunday service there were people everywhere. I could honestly say that would have been the most popular place in secondlife. They ended up starting a real life church outside of secondlife. Their growth was simply amazing. They put in a lot of effort and they took a lot of abuse. At the church there was always somebody to talk to around the campfire, 24/7, so people gravitated there to be around other people. In my humble opinion I think people escape to secondlife, as they can hide behind their avatars. There are a lot of lonely people in secondlife and that church just brought them together.
When I was on at church there were very few other people online in the same church. So I assume going to church online is not the thing to do. Also I was expecting an upsurge in children going to school in virtual classrooms. Instead of going to a physical classroom the children would just go online to go to school. But not so, so far. The virtual classroom has not taken off. Homeschooling has not merged with the virtual classroom yet. I thought with religious homeschooling that would have joined them together in the virtual world, but not so, so far. When the attitude towards home school changes, then we might see a surge in virtual classroom use. And also along those lines virtual worlds could be a part of the future, if they survive that long.
The church in the past has always been at the forefront of change, but with the internet and the cyberspace world, they have not changed fast enough. The church in secondlife that grew from nothing just showed the church could still dominate cyberspace, but the church model would need to change. The internet model of survival is ‘the money is in the list’. You need to capture the email address of your visitors to build your list. But most of secondlife do not use lists. When you visit a new site your presence is acknowledged, but I have never been sent a follow up email from anybody on secondlife yet. And that church completely took the church model in secondlife to new heights, and their model I think was word of mouth or f2f as they say on the internet.



God passes by

On 10th August, 2014, the eighth Sunday after Trinity, Helene Milena preached the following sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 85:8-13, 1 Kings 19:9-18, and Matthew 14:22-33.

When life throws difficulties at us, when we feel threatened by people as Elijah did, or by the forces of nature as the disciples did, it can be hard to keep trusting God. Elijah and the disciples found that God turned up in the midst of their troubles and showed himself to be powerful enough to deal with anything.  Continue reading


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Lord of Creation

On 3rd August, 2014 Helene Milena preached the following sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 145:8-9, 15-22, Isaiah 55:1-5, and Matthew 14:13-21.

Miracles are very much a part of the story of Jesus and many are recorded in the Gospels. The feeding of the five thousand is recorded in all four Gospels, suggesting that it is very significant. This event was more than a record breaking picnic. It served to demonstrate that Jesus is Lord of Creation and that he and God are one. Continue reading


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The Kingdom of Heaven is like ..

On 27th July, 2014, the 6th Sunday after Trinity, Helene Milena preached the following sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 105:1-11, Romans 8:26-39 and Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven like? Jesus gives several pictures of the Kingdom in Matthew 13. He uses pictures drawn from everyday life: seeds, yeast, treasure, fish. Jesus indicated that the Kingdom was near, now, not far away or in the future. St Paul helps explain what being citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven means to us in our lives.  Continue reading


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The wheat and the weeds

On 20th July 2014, the 5th Sunday after Trinity, Helene Milena preached this sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 28, Genesis 28:10-19a and Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.

The suffering and violence in the world not only deter people from watching the news but also from believing in God. How could a loving God allow such terrible things to happen? Jesus addresses this issue in his parable of the wheat and the weeds. If God were to correct everything now he would not only root out the evil in the world, but would probably damage those who are his followers also. Instead he is prepared to wait to the end of time to correct the situation.

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